ABOUT GLASS NAIL FILES: Ordinary nail files create tiny fractures in your nail which can weaken the nail and cause the nail to split and become brittle. Because the glass file is so hard and the filing surface so extremely fine, you can file in any direction without damaging the nail. It will leave your nails incredibly smooth! Amazingly the glass file works very well on extremely hard nails as well as very soft nails. Since the surface of the glass nail file is so fine and uniform, regular use will actually help grow more beautiful nails, they will be healthier and smoother. 
OTHER USES FOR GLASS NAIL FILES: Glass nail files are also versatile. They can also be used to remove hardened skin around the nails, and on the heels and soles of the feet. Use on skin when it has been softened by water. 
MAINTENANCE OF GLASS FILES: To clean the filings off the file, simply rinse with water. If overtime the filings build up, they can be deep cleaned with a brush and detergent or even the dishwasher. Also, for professionals they can be sterilized with disinfecting liquids, UV lighting, or heat. The filing surface will not be damaged by cleaning. 
DURABILITY OF GLASS FILES: The file surface is permanent. Because the glass is the filing surface it will not wear out or wear off. Nothing is layered or built up on the file that will wear off. The glass has been hardened and it is also tempered so that it is not fragile. However, these little jewels are glass and can break, so take the same care as you would with any other glass object. 
PROFESSIONAL USE: Glass nail files are great for professional use in salons. The excellent performance they give, and the ability to sterilize between customers is a great benefit. They are excellent on artificial nails. Because the glass surface is so efficient at filing it does the job quicker. When using on artificial nails keep dipping the file in water to clean off build up of filings.
Crystal Glass Nail Files
hand-painted original designs

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Pedicure File: 
Measures 7.5" 
Sooth rough skin on feet and calluses. Also use to smooth toenails. Pedicure file does not come in clear acrylic case. 
Medium File: 
Measures 5.5" 
The most popular size, great for everyday use.
Small File: 
Measures 3.5" 
This is a perfect size to tuck in your purse, make-up bag or keep in your desk drawer for those necessary touch-ups. 
Files Available in Three Sizes
Medium and small files come enclosed in clear acrylic case. The case is ultra thin and adds protection.
Small: $8
Medium: $10
Large: $12
These elegant little files leave nails ultra SMOOTH!